Kenworth K100 wrecker

The Kenworth K100 was the first US truck I built on scale 1:13. It reminds me of the past when I had two scale 1:25 kits of this truck. When building the LEGO replica I remember a lot of details from those kit models.

Normally trucks in the US have large bonnets and long trailers. While I like this type of cab over engine model (COE) I chose for the K100 with a flat roof. You might say it’s an easy one to build but that’s not completely truth. The cab itself is asymmetric inside. The so named “dog house” is put more to the right side to accommodate the gear shift lever which it fitted on top of the CAT engine.

Of course the cab can tilt. The yellow CAT 3406 V8 engine will appear then. I built the model in 2013 but gave it a few updates in 2016; it got a smoother appearance with new round diesel tanks (in chrome of course). The whole model was a little bit refurbished while removing all visible studs (e.g. cab roof, body work, chassis). It might not look like a LEGO model now but with so many tiles in stock, why not using them?

The body work I took from an older model that I built quite some years prior to this one. I liked the Holmes 750 twin boom outfit so much I could get myself to abandon it. It got some updates to give it a more realistic look; new booms fitted, smoother appearance and a hydraulic underlift at the rear to make the wrecker more versatile.

It was really fun to build this one and it is one of my favorites. I was actually thinking of turning the truck into an 18-wheeler but actually I think as a vintage wrecker it has a better appearance. And it still needs another US truck to be hooked up!