Scania LB141 “Keulen”

It has been a while since I came up with some new but I did quite a lot in 2016. But I simply didn’t found time to finalize my running projects or take pictures of them.
Anyhow, this the first of a pair of Scania’s LBS141. Originally I started this one at the end of 2015 but due to several reasons I didn’t touch it.

The 141 was one of the strongest trucks on the market during the late 70s. It had a staggering 375 hp produced by a 14.2 litre V8 engine. It was very capable for heavy haulage like this example operated by a Dutch hauler.

Although the chassis of the real thing is exactly the same as my vintage blue 111 this one it scratch built (the 111 is a true ‘old skool’ model). The model is completely new, the only thing I recycled is the engine from the bonneted Scania I had previously. But I did some additional detailing to it to make it even more lifelike. The rear axle can be lifted as also contains every detail.

The cab took quite some time to assemble. However it looks like an easy one I definitely wanted to have all curves and edges correct. In some cases it meant edges of less than half a stud (like the one through the centre of the cab). Also the rear panel has a distinctive pattern. The wheel arches are containing a lot of parts but I think the shape is close to the real thing, also just in front of the doors. The interior is brown and dark red, colors many trucks had in that era.

The unit has some typical late 70s, early 80s details like a roof rack and ladder, the two puppets and a TIR badge. The license plates are carrying the original Dutch font.